Fast Cool Cars           962 Dauer Lemans


962 Dauer Lemans One of The Worlds Fastest Street Legal Cars... 250+ MPH

This engine is fully European emissions legal thanks to racing catalytic converters and Bosch Motronic 1.7 engine management. The latter allows a relatively high 9.0:1 compression ratio to be run without any problems. The 730bhp is delivered at 7,400rpm, you get a red warning light at 7,300rpm, the soft-cut rev limiter goes into action at 7,400rpm and there is a hard cut-out at 7,800rpm. At 1080kg, the 962LM may weigh around 180kg more than its competition brother, but its power-to weight ratio is still better than a McLaren F1s. In a drag start, 0-60mph takes just 2.6 sec in first gear! Five seconds later you have doubled your speed again. Ultimately a shade over 250mph is possible, about twice the take-off speed of a jumbo jet!