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Fast Cool Cars From the UK  |  Ford UK dealer offers £1 million supercar

Do you want to splash your cash on a new car? Love your bling? Well look no further as Jennings Ford Direct UK have created a diamond encrusted Ford Kuga. Jennings are UK Ford Parts and accessories distributors as well as main dealers.

The Diamond Ford Kuga (Escape)


The Ford Kuga is complete with a blend of diamonds and Swarovski crystals and they are now offering to encrust any vehicle for a whopping one million pound investment.

The process is far from easy, each of the one million diamonds and crystals are individually placed by hand and takes over two months to complete.

A diamond paint job like this is hard wearing, easy to clean and scratch resistant, we should hope so too for putting in a hefty investment price like that.

Who says your average car can’t be glamorous? This particular model is far from that and you can be sure your neighbours will have a lot to talk about with this on your drive.  Much like the neighbours of these car owners too…

The Dazzling Merc


Swarovski crystals on other vehicles have been turning heads in the past too.  If you’re lucky enough to be Russian student Daria Radionova then you’ll be driving around in this diamond encrusted Mercedes C-Class.

The Gold plated Bugatti


Another one million pound car but this time a gold plated Bugatti Veyron was spotted in London. A rarer of the convertible Veyrons, with only 150 made, it caused quite a stir parked outside of the Dorchester Hotel.

The Camo Bentley

If you really want to go that step further and stand out from the crowd then you might want to take some tips from footballer Mario Balotelli. A camouflage paint job custom made for his Bentley, a little ironic as he won’t be sneaking past on lookers in this.



As you can see the world isn’t short of custom made super cars, but why do you need a super car to dazzle? Make your friends and family envious in your own car with a Swarovski crystal paint job.
Are you gentlemen looking for things to buy the other half for Valentine’s Day or other special occasions? Well instead of going down the conventional route of jewellery, why not get the extravagant and luxurious design added to their beloved set of wheels. It is certainly enough to make all of your family and friends envious, after all diamonds really are a girl’s best friend.