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This is Where The Forum Used to Be - Welcome

This is the section called the Forum, or Message Board. It used to have a fairly large collection of threads on lots of different car related topics. The forum started out with about 30-50 cool members that were car enthusiasts within the first few months that it was on-line. There were more than 3000 members signed up to the forum within the next year or two, when I decided to take it down for a while. They reason that I made this decision is because more than a couple thousand of those members that signed up were people or computer robots that were automatically signing up to my forum for the sole purpose of adding spam and/or junk to the forum.

I used to spend many hours going through emails from new members wanting to be signed up. Most of them looked legitimate, only to find out a few days down the road that they were only members to add their junk to a very popular website. They tried to do this to get free traffic to their website, that usually was junk too.

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So what I will be doing here in the mean time is taking questions or comments by email. Then adding them and answering them here until I consider adding another forum to the site. The new security measures for another forum will have to be evaluated before-hand to ensure that it can be ran smoother and more efficiently then the previous one.

Question from Joe Trellar in Marlboro, MA (Jan. 17, 2013) -
Is there an email newsletter from FastCoolCars that I can sign up for to see what new kinds of things are happening on monthly?

Answer to Joe Trellar - At the moment there is not a email newsletter, but we are working on getting one up and running very soon, keep checking back here at and sign up for it when it is ready. We plan on adding a lot of great content and surprises in the newsletters. Along with that you will be updated on the new additions to the site each month.

Question from Randy Ledford in Cleveland, TN - Will FastCoolCars be having and/or hosting a local car show in Cleveland, TN in 2013?

Answer to Randy Ledford - This is another one of fastcoolcars ideas for a summer/fall event in our local hometown area. There is a lot of preparation in having and hosting a successful car show or event. We would like to have one, and do plan on hosting one. Check back with us on this topic as well, to see how plans are going and possible location and date of the first annual "FastCoolCars Car Show". If  our first annual car show does not pan out in 2007, we will be working in conjunction with several local car clubs and show event promoters to be part of the already growing car show circuit.

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